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  • What is link building?

Link Popularity is the practice of getting links from another parallel theme-based website with your keyword or phrase to route highest traffic to your website.

  • Why links building play role in search engine optimization?

At present, inbound links are one of the key factors in supporting the high key word ranking. Most of the popular search engines are ranking their search results based on the link popularity from your website.

  • What is link popularity?

Link popularity is the calculation of your site’s popularity on the World Wide Web. It is calculated by the different sites or web pages that have a link to your website. Top search engines (Yahoo, Google & Bing) give the top preference to the sites that have maximum incoming theme based links.

  • Does link popularity only depends on the number of back links?

Quality work needed for success. Bad and non sense link building can ruin your webpage. Expert link builder knows how to work properly and professionally.